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Your voice is your most powerful tool to create the influence, impact & income you desire.

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Speaking Topics include:

  • The 6 Second Sell: How to get your audience to know, like, trust & want to buy from you within the first 6 seconds of hearing your voice. 
  • Subconscious Communication: What's really being said between you and your audience
  • The Voice Does Not Lie: Why you may be repelling people away every time you speak
  • Culture Shapes How We Speak: Let your voice be heard
  • Raise Your Voice: Speak up to give the next generation a voice
  • Autistic Communication: It's ok to be nonverbal in a verbal world

Previous speaking events include BBD Live & New Generation Mastery.

Next up in 2024, Soul Connections & PodTalks. 


BBD Live 2021: A Virtual Event to over 700 guests. Katherine was a speaker on a Podcasting Panel where she talked about how she ranked #3 when she launched her first podcast. 

New Generation Mastery Live 2023 & New Generation Plus 2023: Katherine spoke to Brandon Lucero's Live virtual event as well as to his mastermind on The 6 Second Sell: Get your audience to know, like trust & buy from you within the first 6 seconds of hearing you speak.

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