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 Here's my story. 

Hi, I'm Katherine Beck. Voice Coach, Voice Actor & Host to two Globally ranked Podcasts!

Born and raised in Chicago, my dream was to be an actress.  I even refused to go to traditional sleep away camp. Instead I attended summer camps that specialised in acting like Interlochen Arts Camp and Carnegie Mellon University.   

When I was 17, after begging and pleading with my Mom for years, I FINALLY got my first agent.  The auditions started, there were callbacks and I was hooked. Before I knew it, I was on a plane heading for the bright lights of Hollywood.

As soon as I landed in Hollywood...

my acting career quickly shifted into voice acting as I fell in love with creating characters with my voice. All I could think about was becoming the next iconic cartoon character.

But in a split second everything changed when I randomly met an Australian one night in LA. Before I knew it I was getting married and moving to Australia.

So what does an American actress do in Australia? Learn the Australian accent to continue to work. It was challenging but I did it and I started to book roles in an Australian accent.

 And that's when I started getting asked by other Actors to teach them how to sound American. And that was the beginning of my journey into voice coaching.

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With over 30 years of performance experience and training, I have developed my own approach to voice training.  

I incorporate mind set, voice, acting, improvisation and voiceover techniques all in one.

Whether you're a Business owner, an Actor, an Online Entrepreneur or a Podcaster...your voice will always be your most powerful tool to impacting & connecting with your audience.

And hey, just for fun check out some of my favorite characters I've voiced. Yes, that's all me.

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27 Hooks & HOW To Say Them

Use these hooks to attract your audience's attention on your next tik tok, instagram reel,  podcast or YouTube video.

  • PDF cheatsheet with your 27 hooks
  • Mp3 Audio guide to hear HOW to say the hooks
Give me the hooks!