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Meet your secret weapon that going to help you get noticed & command every stage. 

Hi, I'm Katherine Beck. Voice Coach, Voice Actor & the host to a #1 Globally ranked Podcast!

As a former Actor with over 30 years performing on stage, screen & voiceovers, I quickly found. my passion behind the microphone. From being the voice of big brands, to radio stations to cartoon characters and more, it's safe to say voice has been my money maker.

In 2005 I moved from Hollywood to Sydney, Australia and there began my journey into voice coaching. First as a a Dialect coach to Non U.S. Actors wanting to master the American accent to book Television and Film roles and later pivoted to working with Experts, Coaches & Entrepreneurs on Speaking on Stages.

I have been told I have a very keen sense of hearing which means nothing gets past my ear. I hear everything which means I can hear exactly how your message and your voice is being received by your audience.

From coaching back to back winners of The Break Through of the year Competition at BBD Live to preparing experts to speak on major platforms like Good Morning America, to helping 7 figure entrepreneurs with their presentation skills, Katherine has become wildly sought after for her special skill set and intuitive gifts.

And hey, just for fun check out some of my favorite characters I've voiced. Yes, that's all me.

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27 Hooks & HOW To Say Them

Use these hooks to attract your audience's attention on your next tik tok, instagram reel,  podcast or YouTube video.

  • PDF cheatsheet with your 27 hooks
  • Mp3 Audio guide to hear HOW to say the hooks
Give me the hooks!