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William Moseley

(Chronicles of Narnia, Land of Dreams, Medievel, Penciltown)

"Katherine Beck has been an incredible help to my American accent and helping me to find my voice in the American dialect. I feel more confident and comfortable when talking and working in the accent than I have ever felt."

Alexandra Park

(The Royals, Everyone is Doing Great, Ben is Back, 12 Feet Deep)

"I now understand the American accent, feel confident speaking the accent and have been taught effective strategies to break down scripts in a pushed time frame and can therefore deliver the best possible performance."

Rick Cosnett

(The Flash, Quantico, The Vampire Diaries, Castle, Skybound, Happily Never After)

"Her instincts, guidance and practical steps are spot on to really helping you grow and achieve exactly what you want and need. The detail and gems she gave me helped not only my accent to sound completely authentic but also helped my performance."


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