Are you finally ready to start your podcast?

If you've always wanted to start a podcast but you've been putting it off because...

a) you're not sure how to start a podcast

b) you don't like the sound of your voice

c) you're not a tech person

d) you want someone to help you through the process

then let's launch your podcast together.

Launch your Podcast package 

Launch your podcast in the next 90 days 


  • Create your launch plan
  • Set your launch date, strategy & goals 
  • Create your podcast Content Buckets & Topics
  • Create your Podcast guest interview list


  • Hosting platform setup 
  • Set up your Google Podcast Folder & Podcast Process Board 
  • Recording studio setup tutorial & feedback
  • Category selection on podcast platform
  • Review your Podcast titles & notes for solo & interview episodes
  • Direction & feedback on your podcast intro & outro
  • Run through of a solo and guest episode with direction & feedback
  • Create podcast cover art
  • Create Audiogram template (solo & guest eps) 
  • Videogram template (solo & guest eps)  
  • Create your podcast Interview form 
  • Podcast metrics spreadsheet


  • Edit & upload trailer episode and uploaded
  • Edit podcast intro & outro
  • Edit your first episode
  • 1 audiogram 
  • 1 videogram


  • Submit to Apple, Spotify & Google Podcast
  • Show notes for the first  episode 

Packages include 4 strategy calls 

Apply for a Podcast Launch