3 easy ways to be visible online

production value social media visibility Feb 16, 2022
Katherine Beck, The All American Actor’s Podcast

We all know social media is the most effective way to gain visibility.

In today’s episode I am sharing 3 easy ways to be visible online so you can be seen and heard as the leading expert in your niche.

By the time you finish listening, you’ll know:

  • The 3 ways to gain visibility online
  • Why you’re struggling to stand out in your niche
  • How to be visible on all the social media channels to gain maximum visibility 

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  • You're listening to the All American Actor's Podcast, episode 68. In today's episode, I'm revealing three easy ways to get visible online. That's coming up next. Unknown Speaker Ready to learn what it means to have a voice for business, to utilize your voice to create the influence, impact and income you desire. Unknown Speaker Join me Catherine back voice actor and voice coach, as I show you how to show up and stand out as the voice of your business. Learn my best tips on how to uncover your true voice to speak with authority and establish a personal connection to your audience that will leave them wanting to hear more. Unknown Speaker This Unknown Speaker is the voice for business podcast. Unknown Speaker We will get started with today's episode in just a minute. But first, I want to give a huge shout out to Jess Osborne, who says I've never realized how much difference learning to use your voice has on the level of impact we create with our audience. It's not just about the words, it's how they're delivered. That does it. Katherine shares so much value and I love her natural style of delivery. All thanks so much, Jess. And let me tell you that natural style of delivery does take effort to get there to where it sounds natural and feels natural and really connects to your listener. And so I feel Yeah, if you struggle with that, because it is not easy to do. You know, it's easy to speak in a conversation to a person in real life, right. But when we get in front of a microphone, for example, to do a podcast or get interviewed, it gets a little bit more complicated. So I appreciate that you can hear the difference in my delivery. And that is really what I aim to do with all of you that it's not just the words, it's not just the messaging, there is so much to it. And when you can connect to the words that you say and connect to your listener, that's where you can really drive that impact and influence your listeners to take that next step. So thanks so much, Jess, I really appreciate it. And if you are out there and you're loving this podcast, and really getting great value from it, learning some amazing tips. Do me a favor, let me know what you think of this podcast, tap those five stars and make sure you hit that subscribe button. And if you do, you'll get featured right here on the show as well. And I've got a great little something to give you in the mail. So if you are loving this episode, go ahead and leave us a review. All right. So before we get started, I took last week off my kids just started school, which is a big deal. But my daughter just started a new high school, new uniforms, new friends, new classes, teachers, all of it. So it was a lot. And we survived. In fact, we thrived. She's doing quite well there. And that makes me very happy. So now I can spend all the rest of my time during the school hours focusing on what I love to work on, which is my voice sharing my voice with you. And I decided as I get ready to record some episodes, more episodes for the voice for business podcast that I would mix things up. I'm trying a new recording studio that I created for myself and testing out the sound. I often work by my desk and I thought, gosh, if I could have a little podcast recording station by my desk, instead of going into my voiceover booth, which I love and gives me great sound quality. What if I could duplicate that over by my desk, and maybe that would give me the capacity to record more episodes in a more timely fashion. So I'm trying this out. I just shared on my Instagram Stories, what it looks like, but I'm going to explain it to you. So this is what I've got. I've got my microphone. On a smaller stand. It's a desktop stand. So I don't have to actually stand when I'm recording these which usually I would recommend for people because that gives you extra energy when you're recording. However, I am able to continue to create that awesome energy behind the microphone while I'm sitting. Then I have this piece of heavy felt material which is really great. I've got it underneath the stand so that it absorbs any sort of sound that could come from my desk from the hardwood. Then on top of the microphone just above the head space Unknown Speaker that I've got here for the microphone I have a piece of foam so that it takes away from any sort of bouncing off of the ceiling. Acoustic vibes, which I do not want. I want to deaden the sound baby deaden it as much as I can. And then the thing that I'm most excited about that I've added to this little podcast recording station I've created for myself is this thing called a mic thing. It's called literally the mic thing that someone gave me years ago, I used to use it when I would record voiceovers and things that I would record, you know, content over the microphone. But I don't use it anymore, because I've got a different recording setup that I didn't need it in this new studio that I've got set up for myself, but usually it's on a stand. It's very heavy, this device, so it needs to be put on a stand. But I thought, what if I put it on my desk, and I have that surrounding the microphone. So it's basically three panels in one all connected, so it sits behind the microphone, and that it wraps around either side of the microphone, and you can adjust the angle of how much it wraps around the mic on either side as well. It is awesome for deadening the sound and I thought, hey, let's give this a try. Let's create a little podcast recording booth for myself on my desk and see what the sound quality is. So this is my new little at home, do it yourself podcast recording studio that I've created. Let's see how it goes. You tell me right, that five star review. Let me know what you think of my podcast sound quality this month, please. And that'll be really great to hear your feedback. All right, let us jump into today's episode. Today we're talking about three easy ways to get more visible online. Now this is something that's dawned on me that I've been thinking a lot about lately, because I made a 2022 goal for myself to be more visible and consistent being visible online to see how that grows my business. And I really want to test things out this year and share them with my audience and with my clients. So what I realized, just last week was three things that I notice that people who are really visible online influencers, the top content creators, thought leaders, experts that you see everywhere that have a ton of followers, and maybe not even like millions and hundreds of 1000s of followers, but have a good following and convert I wanted to see at okay, what are the key factors that really make them stand out from the sea of noise, I like to call it online, all of us who are out there trying to make our presence known and struggling. It's not as easy as we thought it would be. We're not getting as many likes, comments, shares, traction, clicking on the links to the bio, all of the things, they're not happening to the expectations we set out in our head. They're not happening as quickly as we would like them to happen. So I've been wandering and researching and pondering, what is it that they do that maybe we don't do now, if you've been following me, you know me, I am the voice. In fact, that used to be one of my nicknames was the voice. Today it is the back inator. But I am all about voice baby. I am all about how to make your presence known by using your voice to its fullest extent. How can your voice attract more followers, more customers, more traction, more visibility. So my first tip to you is your voice. If you are not using your voice, meaning you're putting yourself out there, you're posting, but people can't actually hear you. That is a problem. Because people need to connect with you. They need to see your face, but they also need to hear from you. Because it's in that actual energy of hearing your voice that we build that relationship, the know the like and the trust, the connection and a connection purely is the ability to be seen, heard and known. So on your end as the entrepreneur, you want to be seen. You want to be heard and you want to be known for something the listener the person watching your follower, they want to be seen Unknown Speaker and heard, they're going to follow you. If you give them something that they need information that they crave, you solve their problem, you help them get to their transformation. So they want to feel like you got them and you're going to help them out. So first and foremost, it's your voice. If you are not using it, guess what, folks, you better use it because the top thought leaders and experts and influencers, they're all using it. Now, I've been spending a lot of time on Tik Tok lately, looking to grow my presence online there. And I will tell you this, the people that I like to follow are using their voice. They're speaking, they're giving me information, and it's got great value. And guess what, they got a ton of followers, there are influencers and thought leaders and experts, they are at the top of their game. And they are also talking about the TIC TOCs, and the Instagram, what to do how to market yourself. But I have to tell you this, I'm not interested in those that are at the top of their game that are lip syncing, and putting information on the screen, it's getting lost in that sea of noise. And I know there's great value there. But tell me if you've noticed this, somebody puts information on the screen and it goes away so quickly that you have to like watch it a few times to actually see what it says on the screen. I will do that once or twice with somebody who's got great information. But then after that, I'm scrolling on to the next person. And in fact, I've gotten to the point where I'm starting to get annoyed with all the pointing and the information on the screen unless it really grabs my attention. And there's that production value number two, my number two reason of how to get more visible online. If you don't have that production value. I'm moving on to the next. So your voice is key, you better be using your voice to actually speak and communicate to your audience when you're creating content. And with that, always make sure that you're attracting people not repelling people through your voice, meaning make sure that you are listening to your voice. So that's that recording and watching back to hear from your audience's perspective. Would they find this interesting, engaging? Would they love to listen to what you're saying? Like literally love to listen? Do they like the sound of your voice? Does it intrigue them to want to listen more? Now I get it, you may not like the sound of your voice. Well guess what? Maybe your listener doesn't either. And I'm not saying you have to totally change the sound of your voice and sound not uniquely you. But there are little things that you can do to enhance the sound of your voice to attract your audience to want to listen more. So if you're not doing this, that's totally fine. But guess what? The top thought leaders and influencers out there? Why do you think they're at the top of their game? Because they know the importance of voice? They've worked with the voice coach, they know that their voice is one of the most powerful tools that you have in your arsenal to attract your audience's attention. Why do you think they're so visible online? Because they know the power of their voice? Why do you think so many people aren't visible online, because they don't know the power of their voice. So if you don't like the sound of your voice, guess what? You can fix it, but you got to know how. Alright, number two production value. I can't tell you how many times I've gone online and people have really great content. They even are saying all the right things but the production value is so poor and you do not need to spend a lot of money on all the fancy shmancy tools to get noticed online. These days. There are the most incredible apps your iPhone is so super charged with great lenses and capabilities that you do not need to get all of the expensive recording equipment, which is super cool. But you do need to pay attention and know how to film something so that it is appealing for the watcher. If you've got a podcast you need to know how to record so that it is appealing for your listener to listen to that it doesn't sound like you're in an echo chamber, or that you're a million miles away editing to enhance the watcher or the listener experience instead of detracting or repelling them from listening or watching Unknown Speaker And like I said before, you can film and record things to get that production value up to create that experience for your listener for your watcher without having to spend a gazillion dollars. And when you do, I guarantee you your likes your follows, your conversions are going to rise. That means more money in the bank just by spending a little bit of time and a little bit of effort on your production value. And then last but not least, number three, visibility Dida, how do we become more visible? Well, you got to be on all if not most, of the social media channels. I'm talking Instagram, I'm talking Tik Tok. I'm talking YouTube. I'm talking Twitter, I'm talking a podcast, whatever it is, you don't have to be on all of them. But the more the merrier. That means you're getting your voice out in places where people are, oh, gosh, forgot about Facebook. Yeah, well, I think a lot of people on Facebook. Anyway, I digress. But here's the thing I like to think of this is choose one platform that you focus on, that is your free content machine. So for me, it's the podcast. From there, I take my podcast, and I repurpose it on as many social media channels that I can I take that content, that messaging and I use it in different ways on different platforms. And that is how I make my presence known. being visible in as many places as I possibly can. The trick with this is having a really great system in place so that you're not doing this work all day, every day. And it becomes incredibly overwhelming, exhausting and time consuming. You want to build a system and a process for yourself, so that you can do it effortlessly and easily. And that is when you do your batching batching becomes your best friend that is your best friend word is batching Catherine batching, the back inator back. Okay, I love a good batching day. And so that requires some strategy, some thought ahead of time, yes. But when you can batch oh my goodness, that saves so much time. And if you've got a team working with you, and you've got those processes in place, it saves you even more time, because then you can focus on those things that you should be focusing on, that's going to help bring in more income. And he can have that support in place where they can help you do the things that you should not be doing in your biz Ness. So those are my three things voice, production, value, and visibility. Those are the three things that are going to most definitely get you more visible in 2022. That's what I'm focusing on in 2022. And let me tell you, the minute the second that I decided to do more things with my voice showing up with my voice is where I started to notice things happen in my business, it started with the podcast, then it started with putting myself out there on Instagram reels but with my voice doing that on Tik Tok, and all the other channels. So in this podcast, use your voice don't be afraid of using your voice. And it all starts with just getting yourself out there doing it again and again. And again. The more you do it, the easier it gets. And the more you start to enjoy the sound of your voice as well. Alright, so I hope you enjoyed this episode. I do want to also share with you this is a brand new thing that I decided to do. And again, like this podcast talking about these three things. This was something that came to me last week and I thought you know what, I'm gonna jump on this and see if other people are on board with my thoughts. So I am starting something brand new. It's called the standout on social club, it is going to be a monthly group and it is all about those three key things, your voice production value and processes to repurpose and get yourself visible on social media. I am building it as we go along and I am offering it to a very small group of people at an introductory rate as I build out the monthly membership. So if you would like to join me as I build this and get all of my templates on how to show up and speak with confidence online Unknown Speaker line with script templates, bullet pointed templates of what to say when you show up on Instagram reels a podcast a YouTube video. If you would like my audio mp3 series on visualization, meditation and vocalization to get you sounding really confident before you speak online, if you would like all of my How To videos on tech on how to create a little podcast recording studio for yourself, how to film yourself for YouTube videos, Instagram reels, tick tock videos with the production value that's going to really make you stand out online, how to edit your audio, how to create that experience for your audience, through audio and video, I am going to be creating those for you. And if you would like my processes, and my systems of how to repurpose your voice and get it out there. So you don't have to be on that hamster wheel of content creation, you can take something that you've already done and repurpose it throughout the week. Or you could take one new piece of content and repurpose it throughout the week, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that. So if you would like to join and grab that special offer before it goes away, it's only going to be up for about a week, all you have to do is head over to Katherine beck.com/club. I will post that in the show notes here as well you can grab that link, as well. Oh, and the one thing I did not mention is every month you are getting a call with me where you're gonna get feedback on your voice feedback on the content you are delivering both on screen and in front of the microphone. You cannot beat up my friends. So make sure you grab that offer while it lasts. All right. That is it for me. And remember, if you loved this episode, go ahead, let me know. Take a screenshot of the show and share it with me on your Instagram story and tag me in it at Katherine underscore Beck underscore and coming up next week on the show I'm going to be talking more about production value, what it takes to really get visible online with the filming and the recording of your content. Now make sure you share this show with all your friends. Let them know what's coming up next week and invite them to tune in with you and learn how to show up, speak up and stand out as the voice of your business. Until then go on get out there and use that powerful voice of yours and I will see you back here next week.