How to make more money with your voice

money personal brand voice Dec 21, 2021
Katherine Beck, The All American Actor’s Podcast

If you aren’t making the money you want in your business then listen up!

In today’s episode I will show you how you can start making more money
with your voice.

By the time you finish listening, you’ll know:
• 3 easy ways to make more money from your voice
• The biggest lesson I learned from over 20 years working in

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You're listening to the All American Actor's Podcast, episode 52. In today's episode, I'm revealing how to make more money with your voice that's coming up next. Ready to learn what it means to have a voice for business, to utilize your voice to create the influence, impact and income you desire. Join me Katherine Beck, voice actor and voice coach. As I show you how to show up and stand out as the voice of your business. Learn my best tips on how to uncover your true voice to speak with authority and establish a personal connection to your audience that will leave them wanting to hear more. This is the voice for business podcast. Before we jump into today's episode, I want to give a big shout out to Daisy who says in her five star review, I am so captivated by this amazing show. I've binge listened to every episode, keep up the great work. Wow, thank you so much, Daisy. And look at that I am binge worthy, just like Netflix, you can pop over listen to the voice for business podcast and binge on all the episodes to give you insight and inspiration to take action and really take that next step as being the voice of your business. So thank you so much. And if you are out there, and you've been listening to the podcast and loving what you hear, if you can do me a favor, take 30 seconds out of your day. And just leave me that five star review. And let me know what you think of the podcast. And you will get featured here on the show. And I've got a special little gift to send you in the mail as well. So if you are loving these episodes, leave us a review. Alright, let's talk money. And let us talk voice. Now as I sat down to write this episode and think about what I wanted to share with you today, it got me thinking about my voice and how when I first started using my voice, it wasn't for the purpose of making money, but really for my love of acting. But in acting, you need to use your voice, right? Unless you're in the olden days when we did silent movies when those were being made. But these days, you gotta use your voice. So voice has always been very important to me. And it was many years later, when I realized, Hey, I could make some money with my voice. And that realization happened I think in 1998 or 99 When I started taking voiceover lessons because I learned about voiceover and I learned that I could act with my voice and I could make some good money doing voiceover and I was intrigued and excited to learn about this part of the business. And I love the idea because as a stage actor, I would make very little, sometimes no money performing on stage. And even though I loved to perform on stage, it wasn't really something that would pay the bills and in commercials and other aspects of screen work. I was struggling to book those roles and gain a good source of income that way. So when I realized I could make more money doing voiceovers, I was hooked. Sign me up, let's go, let's make some voiceovers. And it was interesting when I learned about voiceover technique, and I learned how to impact and influence an audience through my voice. I realized every actor should be taking a voiceover class because I quickly noticed that voiceovers really make you a better actor. And then the next realization clicked when I became an online entrepreneur, again, I realized that voiceovers made me a better online entrepreneur, and that all those years of voiceover training really helped for me to make money with my voice, but more so it helped me to create impact and influence with my audience through my voice. So got me thinking, if you are in business, and it does not matter what type of business you are in whether you work for yourself, or you work for someone else, if you use your voice in your profession, you can make more money with your voice just by using that very powerful tool of yours, which you already have within you your voice. You just got to learn how to use that voice. So how do you do this? How do you use your voice to make more money? Well, let's go through it. Step one is to speak so if you've been quiet, if you've been resisting showing up online, now is the time to show up. That is step one. And yes, I know it is hard. Sometimes we're busy or we may not feel like showing up and speaking up things get in the way but to start getting noticed and start getting recognized as the top in our industry and you need to start aren't showing up and speaking, and the more that you start to show up, the more money you will start to make, because it's all about getting out there, building that connection. So the more that you connect, the easier it gets to make money with your voice. And then step two is to use that voice. So first, you've shown up and step two is to really use your voice. So step one, you've showed up, you have connected with your audience. Now, we got to think about how we use that voice, definitely need to use our voice. But we need to use our voice to the fullest capacity, we want to hear strength in your voice. We want to hear confidence in your voice. And where does that begin? Well, that begins with a fully supported breath, it starts with the breath, because the breath carries your thoughts, the breath carries your feelings. And the breath supports your voice. If you think of it like this, think about it like a car, if you've got a car, it needs fuel, right needs fuel for that car to move, the car is your voice. So if we run out of fuel, our voice doesn't have the power to be heard. If we run out of breath, our voice does not have the power to be heard. So breathing from your diaphragm gives you the strength to be heard by your audience. So make sure you've got that fully supported breath to help you speak up. And then number three, is you need to stand out to make more money with your voice. That basically means have a point of view, have an opinion and voice that opinion, taking ownership of your thoughts and sharing them because you know that what you have to say is important. It needs to be heard by someone out there. And when you're quiet, you're doing a disservice to someone out there is someone who needs to hear what you have to say. So make sure to stand out and really speak up those important points of view that you have because somebody is out there and wants to listen. Alright, so those are my three tips for how to start making money with your voice. And I challenge you today to start using your voice in a more powerful way. And if you do, let me know send me a DM on Instagram, tag me in whatever post Instagram story reel any way that you are using your voice, I want to see how you are using your most powerful tool. And if you're ready to finally stand out as the voice of your business, then head over to Katherine And you'll be the first to be notified when we opened the doors to voice for business in January 2022. And remember, if you love this episode, go ahead, let me know take a screenshot of the show. Share it with me on your Instagram stories and tag me in it at Katherine underscore Beck underscore and coming up next week on the show I am going to be sharing with you the best vocal warmup to do before you speak. Now make sure to share the show with all your friends. Let them know what's coming up next week and invite them to tune in with you and learn how to show up, speak up and stand out as the voice of your business. Until then go on, get out there and use that powerful voice of yours and I'll see you back here next time.