Unlocking the energy in your voice with Lindsay Jani

coach energy transformation Jan 18, 2022
Katherine Beck, The All American Actor’s Podcast

Have you ever felt like something was holding you back from speaking?
Or, have you ever felt those butterflies in your stomach before you get ready to

In today’s episode, Transformation Coach Lindsay Jani shares how to unlock
the energy in your voice so you can be heard.

By the time you finish listening, you’ll know:
• How your energy effects the outcome of your business
• How your thoughts impact how you speak
• How to become more aware of your energy
• How Lindsay over came her own fears in speaking

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You're listening to the All American Actor's Podcast, episode 56. In today's episode, I'm putting the voice spotlight on one of my amazing students as you're gonna hear how Lindsey discovered her voice for business that's coming up next. Ready to learn what it means to have a voice for business, to utilize your voice to create the influence, impact and income you desire. Join me Catherine back voice actor and voice coach, as I show you how to show up and stand out as the voice of your business. Learn my best tips on how to uncover your true voice to speak with authority and establish a personal connection to your audience that will leave them wanting to hear more. This is the voice for business podcast. We will jump into today's episode in just a moment. But first, I want to let you know that I have a free three part voice training series coming your way. Join me live for free voice challenge where I challenge you to stand out as the voice of your business. So all you need to do is click the link in the show notes or head over to Katherine beck.com/challenge Sign up. It's free and I will see you there on day one. All right, let's jump into today's episode. I'm so excited to share this with you. Lindsey Janney is a very close friend of mine, some might even call her my business bestie. And we met in a group coaching program earlier this year, she was one of the first members to go through my new voice program with me. And I've actually worked with her on what she does. Now she is a self transformation coach, she helps people master their happiness by mastering their mind and their energy. And we're going to talk about that as well as how Lindsey overcame her own fears of speaking in front of an audience. It's such a great episode, so much goodness in here. So let's just dive in. Welcome to the podcast. And Lindsay So great to have you here. Do you want to just start by letting our listeners know a little bit about yourself who you are what you do? Unknown Speaker Well, thank you very much for having me on. I am so honored. And for those who don't know me, my name is Lindsay Janney. And I'm a self transformation coach. And I essentially help people master their happiness by mastering their energy and mastering their minds. Katherine Beck Wow, that's amazing. And so how did you fall into this line of Unknown Speaker practice? Well, that is a good question. Right into it. I know. So about 17 years ago, I had an experience that rocked my world. And I get into this more on my podcast, which is launching next week, or I guess this week when this is going to be airing. And I had a life altering experience, as do many big or small, that really made me look at things a little bit differently. I was in college, and I realized that I had been living my life in a way that I wasn't very happy with. And so I wound up going to a Reiki healer, which is an energy healer. And she helped me see the possibilities for what my life should be and what it could be like. And it was really interesting how she just moved the energy through my body in a way that I had never experienced before I had gone to therapists, I had gone to everybody else for the event that had happened in my life. And I had never felt so whole and complete in my life. And so I went on my journey and to learn how to work with energy. And funny enough, this is exactly what I do. Now it has changed my life. It has been a beautiful blessing. And that's how I got into it. So knowing that you can start working on how happy you are, through your energy. And then also working with your subconscious mind is really what helps people move forward and really live the life that they really want to be living. Katherine Beck That's amazing. And when you're working with energy, let's say it's new to somebody, you're working with them. Is it hard for somebody who's not aware of their energy to get in touch with that feel it or become aware of it use their senses in a different way. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so energy is not this elusive thing that only some people have, right? Everyone's like, ooh, an energy healer. The great thing is is that we all are energetic people. It's Physics, it's science, we all have energy in our body. And so do all living things. And so do all non living things. And so the best way to understand your energy is, if you're feeling off, your energy is likely blocked. If you're feeling super amped up, then you probably have too much energy, right? Like, if you have too much coffee, you're probably buzzing around. Or if you're just feeling me, your energy is off, right? There's, there's this barometer that we all have inside, and we just call it different things. I'm not feeling great today, I'm feeling tired, I'm feeling happy and feeling energized, those are all our compass for how we know whether energy is on or off, feelings can be connected to your energy, right? Your feelings are a very real part of who you are of your whole existence. When we start talking about the subconscious mind, though, the funny thing is, is that our thoughts are actually not full reality, it's our reality. But the thing is, is that when you start looking at your thoughts, they are based upon your perceptions and how you were brought up how you're raised. So for instance, if I were to drive by a house, and it was just an any old house, maybe my house, I'd say, my house is small, but it's beautiful. Somebody else might drive by my house and say, Wow, your house is Tony. And I don't like it. Somebody else might drive by my house and say, Wow, your house is huge. It's all based upon our perception and what we compare things to. So that's kind of how our thoughts are that Katherine Beck home? Yeah, definitely. So very interesting. Because when I'm working with a student, I talk about how you think connects to how you speak, your thoughts are connected to your voice. And we've worked together. So did you notice that when we were working together things that were holding you back in using your voice or feeling comfortable using your voice, how that was related? And then when you shift your thoughts that that changed for you? Unknown Speaker Yeah, so let me break this down a little bit. So we all know how we feel when we are talking, right? Like talking out on stage or talking on a microphone or talking one to one with somebody. And it feels really intimidating sometimes to be able to speak to the masses. And I had a block that I didn't realize that I had, I knew that I was scared to speak in front of people, I knew that I was afraid to be interviewed. And I couldn't figure out why. And I didn't really link the two together saying, Oh, it's an energetic block. And I also didn't realize that it was going back to a past story that I had to kind of overcome. And so it was really a beautiful experience in working with you. Because the exact same thing that I do you did with me without I don't even know if you really knew exactly what you were doing. But you helped me uncover a story you were my mirror and understanding the very thing that was holding me back a story from when I was younger, and speaking out on stage and being completely afraid and stumbling over my words. And I didn't realize that that experience was directly connected to how I felt about speaking now as an adult in my late 30s. And so it's just fascinating how these old stories can really impact us as we move forward in our lives, and energetically, our memories, whether or not we remember them, they can create blocks within us. And they create stories, this web of wise almost, and failing that I'm not good enough. I'm not a good speaker, I can't speak in front of people, I'm going to stumble over my words. And these were all things that you know, were energetically keeping you really small and making me feel like almost like I was caving in and closing my heart and just being like, nope, I'll do anything other than speak. And so in working with you, it was just really beautiful to be able to understand that I can let that story go. I didn't even realize I was still holding on to that story. And then being able to open up my heart and being able to open up literally what people in energy healing or in some of the more spiritual practices call your chakra my throat chakra is able to open it up and able to start speaking my truth. And it was a really beautiful experience coming out of this because I'm now not afraid to say what I want to say. or so but I need to say or say what I know other people might need to hear today. So thank you. Katherine Beck Oh, my pleasure. It's a very powerful thing. And it's amazing how closely it is related to what you do. You know this it's funny. Because in talking with you, I've realized some things in my coaching, which I just took for granted, I just thought was kind of normal. I come from an acting background, most people know. And so I always thought that, you know, some actors, they go on their instincts, we'll call it their instincts. But really what instincts are is intuition, right? Yeah. And so I found that when I was acting quite a bit, that I was very much an instinct driven actor, I just knew what to do, I could look at something and I could feel it. And I could be really present in the moment. And some actors really struggle with that. Other ones, it comes easy. What I didn't realize at the time was instincts is intuition. And I'm a pretty intuitive person. And I always use that now in my coaching, that I really follow my intuition. And I can feel what's holding somebody back. And I can instantly know that story that's been holding them back and keeping them in this one spot, instead of allowing them to, to grow and, and do what they love to do. Unknown Speaker The thing that I have found so fascinating with you, is that you can tell where people are holding blocked energy while they're speaking. And so you, I remember you pointing out saying, Oh, that person is sounding a little nasally. They're holding back or they're speaking a different way. This is how they're feeling. And I was just like, wow, she can read energy to it. So look at this, right. Katherine Beck Okay, because I thought this was normal. I mean, not not normal, normal in a sense, but like being a coach, that that's something that you acquire the skill that then everyone that's a coach can do, I didn't realize that I was doing something different. If that makes Unknown Speaker sense, you pick up on the nuances. And sometimes people might call that being detail oriented. But when you can start to understand just how people are using their voice, and knowing that something needs to either be said, or maybe confidence needs to be boosted in an area or maybe something needs to be resolved that has not been resolved yet. You have this innate ability to be able to say, Wow, I think we need to go here. And it was just really beautiful to be coached in a way that I knew made sense to me. I'm like, wow, she understands the way that I am feeling. And I'm a very kinesthetic person. So for me, it's I always talk about this is how I feel. And when you were able to tap into that, and say, This is how it strictly tied to your voice. I was just like, this makes so much sense. Because when you're looking at the subconscious mind, and the way that we communicate the tonality in our voice, and I've learned this in some of my clinical Hypnosis Training, the words that you say, is only 7% of what actually needs to resonate with somebody. The rest is your tonality, and your physiology 93% of how you say it, with your voice, with the tone, leaning into certain words, in a way that expresses the emotion, the feelings and everything else is so, so important. So when you're speaking and trying to bring somebody along in a hypnosis, and I know that we've done this together, where I've brought you back, there's a way that I need to speak in order to have your mind triggered into a way that starts to think differently and starts to tap into this part of your mind. And then I can speed things back up. Once I know that I've brought you into more of that hypnosis. And so it's also about carrying a certain confidence because I cannot work with somebody or hypnotize somebody properly. If they don't have confidence in me. And if I'm not speaking with confidence, then they will come out of it. I can't hypnotize anybody who doesn't want to be hypnotized number one, or number two doesn't believe that they can be hypnotized. Or number three, it doesn't align with their values. So the trust part is really important. Because when you're using your voice, that trust has to be relayed, yeah, that trust has to be accepted. And if it's not connecting with somebody on the energetic level, they're going to snap right out of it. They're not going to be in it anymore, and then it will not have worked. Katherine Beck You've got to be fully invested. Right? Because if you're not if you're not trusting yourself in whatever way, the other person will pick up on that. Unknown Speaker Yeah, comes through your voice, right. Katherine Beck Oh, fascinating. Unknown Speaker I had you on hypnosis for a very long time. Katherine Beck And that felt just like real life. I mean, it just felt like we're just having a conversation. It did. and feel like Unknown Speaker hypnosis. Yeah, you're, you're actually more fully awake in hypnosis than you ever would be, while you were, you know, awake with your eyes open, you're more aware of what's going on, because you are so focused on what is actually being said. And so if you think about it, if your mind is there, and your voice isn't relaying the message that you need to relay, the mind is going to pick up on that much faster than an in a true awake with your eyes open state. And so it's just very, it's fascinating. It is fascinating the energy that you can carry through your voice, and how much using it as an instrument as a tool is so important. And so you taught me how to do this in front of people. Well, maybe not hypnotize the whole group, but like a one on one, you know, there's an agreement here. When I, you know, if I'm speaking in front of people, I'm no longer afraid, because I know that I can work with my voice. And it's a tool. Katherine Beck Yeah. And I think I think that's where a lot of people, they don't realize how powerful their voice is, and that it is a tool that they can utilize in their business, whatever you do any profession, any career, your voice has the ability to attract people to want to work with you, and also repel them away. So Unknown Speaker your voice is energy. Exactly. So it's what sort Katherine Beck of energy do you want to exude to the other person, if you're not feeling good about yourself, they will pick up on it, and they will not respond to take that next step. But if you fully believe in yourself, and you're joyful, and having fun and excited to have a conversation with this person, they're going to pick up on that and they're going to be attracted to you Unknown Speaker 1,010% It's so beautiful, how everything that we do is tied with their voice. It's our main communication channel. And it's how we tell people that we're happy or sad or angry, or laissez faire. I don't know if I pronounced that right. But people will pick up on the nuances, whether you know it or not, subconsciously, and energetically. And if it doesn't feel right, people are going to turn you off. But if it feels good, people are going to continue to listen. Katherine Beck And do you find that that is one of the key factors. When we look at the top thought leaders, experts influencers out there, even let's go to like a list movie stars. So those that we're really attracted to that we want to listen to, is there something about their voice and how they communicate and their energy that has put them into that small percentage of people that have millions and millions of followers, people want to hear them, they want to be around them to remain you know what I'm getting at? Unknown Speaker I believe so. I think that there is something to be said about the people that you follow. The people who are at the top of their game tend to carry a different energy than most people, they know how to speak, they know how to use their voice. They may not say the right thing all the time, but they know how to use their voice effectively. They know how to help people go through a tough time, they know how to heal people with their words. And it's not just their words, it's the tone of their voice. And when we're looking at these top influencers, and these top course creators and these top CEOs, they all know how to move people. And it is with confidence in their voice because you're not going to listen to one person that says Listen to me, you're never like you don't listen to the people that say Listen to me, you listen to the people who command the attention and not in a manipulative way, but in a way that says I can help you without saying I can help you, right? Or something that inspires you. If you have that energy where you can inspire somebody, and you can do that through your voice. People connect with that instantly. And it's a beautiful thing. So yes, I believe that the top influencers, the top CEOs, the top, you know, business owners in the world all have to have that peace and common otherwise that was going to listen to them. They have to sell, they sell what their voice actors have to sell with their voices all the time otherwise, that it's not believable. Correct. Business owners have to sell what their voices otherwise that they're hiding. Katherine Beck Yeah, that's right. And so you know, for someone who's a business owner or an entrepreneur or anything in the lines of selling, if you're not getting the results that you want, you're not getting your conversions, you're not booking new clients, whatever it may be. Is that a time where you can stop looking at The strategies that you have in place and look within. Unknown Speaker We're touching on intuition here, Catherine. So, looking within, everybody has the capability to do this, everybody. So when your things aren't working out, when your sales funnel seems to not work anymore, I would say it's probably time to look at the energy that you're putting out. Because what you put out you attract. And so if it's in the written word, it doesn't carry as much as your spoken word. And if you're not showing up and speaking, and telling people what they really need to hear, not what you want them to hear, but what they need to hear, that's when you're going to have that connection. And you do that through your voice. I don't know, one large problem that's ever been solved, over writing a back and forth email. If you go and look at how people want to solve a problem, they said, go speak to that person face to face, Pick up the Phone and speak with them. If you want that sale, you need to speak. And I believe that it's in that conversation, because speaking is a conversation. Energy is an exchange energy. It's not an unspoken conversation, but it's a conversation to everything is a conversation. And if your voice is not relaying what you have on your heart, or in your mind, or maybe it is, and you're not putting out the best out there, then you really need to work on the energy, the energy within your voice, what how you believe in yourself, your mind the things that you truly believe, because your voice will always reflect your deepest beliefs that you may not even know. Katherine Beck Well, it is it really is mine takes my breath away. Because, you know, for years, I just I didn't see it. And now I do see it. And it's fascinating to me how many other entrepreneurs I see in the space, and they're always looking for the next thing to do. Why isn't this working? It's all these external things going from one to the next to the next when the answer is right in front of them. Yeah. And if you just stop and listen, and just clear the air, clear your mind, actually know exactly what's holding you back. Right? Unknown Speaker Yeah, it's you always find what you need most you always find your answers in the silence. And I'm not talking meditation here. I'm saying you stop your busy Ness, not your business. You stop being busy. You stop and you listen, ask yourself, what do I need right now, because sometimes we're not taking care of ourselves enough to fill up our cup, energetically as an entrepreneur, we're always trying to serve our people, but you can't serve them. If you're also not serving yourself. Like the saying goes, you can't fill another person's cup from an empty cup. But there is something to be said about emptying your cup, so that the energy that you don't want drains out so that you can keep it open and fill it with something good. Something was something that serves both you and your people. And it doesn't have to be some extravagant thing. It can literally be just you being you, the happiest you, the you that knows that what you put out is a reflection of you. It always is your words, your voice, how you say it, how you show up. And when you can really have that awareness of understanding how your energy affects people. That's when your business goes from ho hum to something you couldn't even have imagined in the best of ways that I might share my Katherine Beck mic drop. That's when you see when people talk about a quantum leap. That's when you see that quantum leap, Unknown Speaker or a breakthrough. Quantum Leap, a breakthrough. quantum leaps come from deep insight. And deep insight doesn't come from a noisy mind. deep insight comes from getting quiet, and emptying out and getting rid of the things that are making your minds loud that are making your thoughts run at a million miles a minute. Because if your mind is running at a million miles a minute, it's going to impact your energy, you're going to get tired, that's when you get burnt out. And I know that sometimes the simplest things like getting quiet can feel so hard, because we're not trying to be that way. We're trying to do doo doo doo doo. Not sure. Katherine Beck Yeah, it's so true. And you're it's the one part of the body that we forget to allow to rest. You know, if you're an athlete and you train, five, six days a week, you know, for several hours a day, you're giving other parts of your body other muscles of rest, but we forget about giving this a rest. Unknown Speaker Right. Our mind is the most app Just part of our body, I think I am not a doctor, I am not a scientist. But what I can say for certain is that anytime that I have ever felt too overwhelmed, too scared, too fearful to in my own, my daughter has a book that says thinkI thoughts, the thinkI thoughts, you will know when you're in it when you feel like you're about to explode, like you've hit that breaking point, you will know when your energy is off. And I'm an energy healer saying that yes, my energy does not always match what my best intentions are. But we all learn, we all as long as you become aware of what that is, so you can pull yourself back. So awareness with your voice, too. Yeah, I my voice used to get so shaky, and that shakiness was my nerves. And you could tell that I was nervous, or I just would stumble over my words. And sometimes I still do, but I don't care anymore. And I know that my energy is different, because I don't care. It is who I am. And we are all people. We are all human beings. Katherine Beck And so can you. If you're not some people say, Well, I'm not a very aware person, you can learn how to become aware of right? Unknown Speaker Oh, you're aware, you're aware, when you're angry? You're aware, when you're sad, you're aware when somebody says something that makes you turn your head a full 360 degrees around and being like, what? You're aware, everybody's aware of their energy. If you can say I'm tired, I am energized, you are aware of your energy. There's not one person who is not aware. Yeah, it's just do you let yourself tap into it? Do you let yourself ask yourself the questions? What do I need right now? How am I feeling? What is making me feel this way? When you can start asking yourself these questions, you can become more aware of your energy. Katherine Beck Okay, so if you're not very aware, when you start asking questions, you can start to tap into that more now starting to work. Unknown Speaker Yeah, or where am I feeling it in my body. Sometimes people will feel that butterflies, you know, right, right above their belly button, if or in their sternum. And that that will either be excitement or nerves. And you'll know what that feels like. That's energy. That's I'm nervous. That's essential. That's a parasympathetic nervous system. Like, it's a response. It's a, it's a physical response. But it's also a response for something that's been triggered in your mind. Everything is energy, everything. And it's not mutually exclusive to just energy and your mind, your mind affects your energy and your energy affects your mind. And everything also affects your body, the environment that you're in the space that you're in, where you are, how you react. It's all tied ecosystem. Katherine Beck So this is what this is. I mean, we could talk forever. This is what you so if somebody wants to work with you, this is what you you work with them on. Unknown Speaker Yeah. So ah, it's such a beautiful practice. And I've seen so many people shift. And it's not an you don't never want to say change, because change is a really scary thing. But these small shifts can make such a huge impact. And sometimes they feel like they're so simple, but they're the hardest things to do. Because if it were so simple, everyone would have it figured out, this would never be a problem. We would all be millionaire business owners, and all superduper happy, right? We wouldn't have any worry in the world. We just do what we wanted to do, and be happy with it. So what I help people do is understand their energy, how to tap into it, how to heal themselves, I can help people on that healing journey. But the beautiful thing is about the human body, the human mind, who we were born to be is that we are already born healers, our bodies heal ourselves every day. If we get a paper cut, do we think about how we're going to clot our blood and it's going to scab over and fall off and you have new skin, our bodies were made to heal, we get fevers because our bodies get rid of toxins, and it helps us heal. But the thing is, is that we have learned that we need to rely on so many things outside of ourselves. And yes, there are great tools to have. Let me tell you there are great tools as you learn how to work with yourself to again, their science, science is important, but so are ourselves. We can't rely 100% on something outside of herself and expect to change. In return. We also have to do the work. So what I do is help people with their energy, find their blocks, move their blocks, or sometimes their energy spikes to get them back in line. align with their natural state. And I do that with energy healing with reading people's energy. And also then being able to tap into the subconscious mind, being able to retrain your mind in a very different way where you're not even conscious about it. This is stuff where you start to learn how to heal yourself, how to heal your mind, how to think differently, because the thing that keeps us from our greatest potential is a limitation of our thoughts, our thoughts, or our perceptions. And if we can shift our perception, we can shift our thoughts. And if we can shift our thoughts, we can shift our feelings. And if when we can shift our feelings, we can shift our energy and we start to heal ourselves, our body starts to heal. Our body is such a, everybody thinks that Oh, working with your body is just exercise just eating right. But it's also about how your mind reacts with your body. There's something called epigenetics, which is how your mind starts to control your body at the cellular level, how stress can sometimes impact your DNA stress in your mind, stress in your body stress in your body stress in your mind. It's a feedback loop. Same thing with your energy. So if you can start to heal all these things, and we have all work in the ecosystem that it was meant to work in, everything works out great, and you can shift drastically. Hate saying change. You can shift drastically or transform how you show up. Katherine Beck It's so true. You know, I worked with you. And it happened so quickly. Yeah. So far. It's amazing how fast that shift happens. Yeah. And from that point forward, all the Unknown Speaker possibilities. Yeah, it's like letting go. It's almost like pulling that string that's been tied, but you know, that you can like once you pull it, like, it'll just release a balloon, for instance, like you pull that string and like the balloon releases, but then it can just go wherever it's meant to go. Because we have no control over the things around us. And I'm pretty sure we've seen this over the last couple of years. There's not a whole lot of control that we have outside of ourselves. But the one thing that we have full control over is our minds and our bodies. And it's freeing to know that the things that we feel like we have no impact over are the very things that we have the most impact over. And that's what I help people realize, and help them self heal. Katherine Beck So good. All right. So Lindsey, if somebody wants to get in touch with you and learn more about what you do, or work with you, how do they get in touch with you? Unknown Speaker Oh, all the channels. I am starting my new podcast called reimagine your life. And it's a beautiful exploration and beginning to learn how to master your energy and your mind so that you can start mastering your happiness. And we go into the very things that you can do so simply to start shifting your every day. And so that would be a really great place. Or you can find me on Instagram on the socials. At Lindsay, Janney, Dotco. I'm Lindsay with an A y in case anybody puts in an EY, you're not gonna get me. So Lindsay janee.co, or Lindsey janee.com. And simply just find me there. And there's links everywhere might be the best place. Katherine Beck Yeah. And we'll put the links in the show notes as well. Thank you so much, Lindsay. It's been such a pleasure to speak with you today and get to know a little bit more about what you do and share it with my listeners. I know, it's very eye opening for a lot of people who have never thought about this sort of thing. So it's wonderful to be able to get it out there and for other people to know what it is and how powerful it is what you Unknown Speaker do. Well, thank you very much. And thank you for helping me be able to share my voice because truthfully, don't make me cry, Catherine. I've wanted to do this, this very thing for so long. And I was so afraid to show up as myself and just being able to learn how to find my voice has made such a drastic impact on my life and has helped me go from a career that I was proud of, to a career that I knew that I was meant to be in. So thank you. Katherine Beck You're so welcome. And it's it goes full circle because when we were working together, I realized that I wasn't living my greater purpose. And now I am teaching my greater purpose and that's because of you. So the to go hand in hand Unknown Speaker feedback loop. Business besties this is what it's all about. Find yourself a biz bestie. It's important, very, very much for having me on. It was an absolute pleasure and I'll speak to you soon. Katherine Beck Thank you so much Lindsay. for sitting down and having a chat with us, letting us know all about what you do and how that can impact your voice and sharing with us how you found your voice for business. And hey, if you're out there and you're thinking, I'm ready to empower myself through the power of my voice so I can really create impact and change with my audience, then join me for my free three part training that's happening soon. All you need to do is head over to Katherine beck.com/challenge. And I'll see you there. And remember, if you love this episode, go ahead and let me know take a screenshot of the show and share it with me on your Instagram story. tag me in it at Catherine underscore Beck underscore, you can find me there any questions or topics you'd like to hear me talk about? Let me know. Until then go on, get out there and use that powerful voice of yours and I'll see you back here next time.