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You want to a Working Actor but when it comes to building a sustainable career it takes more than just talent to get you there. Join your host, Katherine Beck (All American Accent Coach, Voiceover Artist & Entrepreneur) for a 'behind the scenes' look into all aspects of the U.S. Film/TV industry. Insight, interviews and inspiration so you can thrive in this biz we call Showbiz.

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Why a Standard American accent isn’t going to book you the U.S. role.

22 February 2022

Today we are talking about why the Standard American accent won't book you the U.S. role. Learn a better way to master the American accent.

In today's episode, I'm going to show you a smarter way to learn the American accent so you can sound relatable and conversational like a REAL American speaker.

How William Moseley Mastered The American Accent

22 February 2022

In today's episode, Katherine Beck talks to English Actor, William Moseley as he shares how he mastered the American accent.

William talks about his experience acting with an accent on set in the U.S. film industry.