The 6 Second Sell

 How The Industry's Best Kept Secret Becomes 

Known As An Authority. 

 Attract more engagement, position yourself as the go-to expert & sell with ease in just 6 seconds!
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If you are not showing up as your authentic, expert self and communicating in a way that really speaks to your audience then it’s going to take a whole lot longer to build your audience and sell.

In this free masterclass I will reveal...

  •  Why 75% of your content is unnoticed & how the 6 second sell can easily get you noticed.
  •  Why Logic & Messaging doesn't sell. 
  • Why you may be repelling your audience and losing sales every time you speak.
  • How to leverage your voice to sound like the Authority.  
  •  Why connection leads to more sales conversations.

Hi, I’m Katherine Beck!

With over 20 years of being 'the voice' of big brands, I'm here to show you how to influence your audience through the power of your voice. Discover how to be seen and heard as a leading authority in your niche and build an authentic connection with your audience so you can create impact in the world and make more money doing what you love to do.

Sound like the expert you already are with the most powerful strategy (you likely haven't tried) and will give you the biggest return on investment...your voice.