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Here's why english actor, william moseley consistently books U.S. films now.

"Katherine Beck has been an incredible help to my American accent and helping me to find my voice in the American dialect. I feel more confident and comfortable when talking and working in the accent than I have ever felt."


(The Chronicles of Narnia, The Royals, Medieval, Pencil Town)

 Missing out on Acting roles is not fun! 

You want to take your career to the next level and start working in the U.S. Film/TV Industry. Only thing is you’ve tried to work on your American accent but it’s still not quite right…

Maybe you read a book on how to do an American accent, watched a few YouTube videos, took a group class or even worked with a Dialect Coach but you’re still confused.

Maybe you keep dropping out of the accent or can't stop thinking about the accent when you perform.

Or, you get a call from your agent that you missed out on another role because your accent wasn't good enough. You don’t feel confident and you’re not sure what to do next…

So what's wrong with my American accent?

The harsh reality is that in order to have a flawless American accent it requires way more than relying on mimicry or that generalised training you got at Drama school years ago.

And what's the point of auditioning if you aren't prepared to train like an A-list working Actor so you can actually feel confident performing with an American accent and be in the running to book those U.S. roles when the opportunity comes your way?

You've also been learning the wrong American accent!

What's the point of auditioning if you aren't prepared to put in the training so you feel confident and ready to book those U.S. roles when the opportunity comes your way

⭐️ Top level Agents & Managers want Actors who can nail their U.S. auditions with a quick turnaround time.

⭐️ Casting Directors want Actors they can rely on to sustain the accent on set.

⭐️ Your reputation is on the line. You only get one chance to make a good impression in this industry. Why audition with a mediocre American accent?

So if you're doing this....
How can you expect to book that big U.S. role?  

You've also been learning the wrong American accent!

That's because a 'Standard' or a 'General' American accent isn't going to book you the role and here's why..

No one in the U.S. sounds standard or general! Which means there is no 'one way', 'right way' or 'only way' to sound American.

In fact there are many different regional dialects within the U.S.

And because your environment and culture influence how you speak, I created the All American accent to embody the principles of American culture and the perspective of the American speaker.

You'll discover how to easily stand out in the audition by discovering your character's unique and authentic American voice without sounding 'cookie cutter', generic or standard. 

Or even worse, 'perfect' because the reality is, no one has a perfect American accent so why are you trying to achieve something that does not exist?

If you’re like most Actors at some point you'll realise there's gotta be a better way. And if you're starting to get a sense that the 'old school' way of learning the American accent is not the most effective way...then it's start thinking like an American so you can sound All American.

That's exactly why I created ALL AMERICAN VOICE. 

⭐️ To feel CONFIDENT every time you audition with an American accent.

⭐️ To be able to SUSTAIN the accent in performance.

⭐️ To create AUTHENTIC American characters.

⭐️ To let your acting STAND OUT not your American accent.

       Welcome to...


So what exactly is All American Voice?

The All American Voice program is designed to help you discover YOUR All American Voice so you can create transformational American characters. 


Because you can't just learn the sounds of the American accent and expect to book U.S. roles.


You need to be able to apply the accent into performance and build an authentic American character and that is exactly what I show you how to do.

You also need a resource for on going practice.

Because let's face it...this is a skill you will need to revisit and practice often. Think of it like going to the gym. All American Voice is like your American accent gym to help keep your accent strong in between auditions so you'll never feel rusty or lacking confidence for another U.S. audition.

Plus, you won't always have a Dialect Coach with you to help you prepare for that next big audition. With All American Voice it's like having your own private coaching session 24/7 so you can always access the tools you need to prep your American accent.

And how often do we take a group class or a private coaching session and forget the information? Now you can always refer back to the training whenever you want!

⚠️  This is not your ordinary accent course. ⚠️

You will quickly see that All American Voice is so much more than just learning how to pronounce words. Anyone can teach you sound substitutions. You can jump onto to YouTube for that!

Inside this comprehensive program we go one step further as we connect the accent to your voice and show you how to authentically perform in the accent without dropping out or thinking about the accent in performance.

You will discover YOUR All American Voice so you can feel like it's your voice when you speak in the American accent.  And when you identify and connect to your All American voice you can fully embody and connect to your character's all American voice.

I teach you my process that combines accent training mixed with acting, voiceover, improvisational techniques and mindset that will leave you feeling confident and prepared for every audition and job you book!

In this totally unique program you will learn from an authentic American speaker who lives overseas and understands the challenges of learning the American accent & sustaining the accent in performance.

You can call me the American accent whisperer ;)

Finally, you will feel confident performing with an American accent because you'll have the knowledge, the awareness, the on-going practice and the American perspective to book the job. And best of all, you'll have lifetime access which means you can keep up with your practice and always refer to the tools you need.

And you’ll get feedback on your accent so you will get corrections on your accent, your placement and understand what you need to do to sound more authentic in the accent.

Now you may be asking yourself, is ALL AMERICAN VOICE right for me?


⭐️ You want to learn the American accent and don’t know where to start.

⭐️ Or, you have tried to learn the American accent but was left feeling confused and still don’t know how to speak in this accent let alone perform with this accent.

⭐️ Or, you've booked roles with your American accent but still struggle to maintain the accent in performance.

⭐️ Or, you struggle to develop authentic American characters for your auditions.

⭐️ Or, you're getting feedback from your Agent/Manager that your accent still doesn't sound authentic.

⭐️ Or, you need a process & a resource for at home practice to keep your American accent skills ready for the next audition/role booked.

Check out what other Actors have to say about All American Voice.

"It's like having Katherine there by your side every step of the way no matter how far away you live. If you're considering signing up for this course, I encourage you wholeheartedly. It's worth every cent!" 

Emma Cam (Supernatural, Love On Harbor Island, Camp)


"I can’t recommend Katherine highly enough to anyone trying to perfect an authentic American accent. Her instincts, guidance and practical steps are spot on to really helping you grow and achieve exactly what you want and need."

Rick Cosnett

(The Flash, Quantico, The Vampire Diaries)

"This is SO invaluable that I cannot recommend it enough. I wish I had taken this up sooner and saved myself the frustration, anxiety, loads of time and money spent. One of the best things I've ever invested in as an actor."

Clariza Vicente 

(Nightwalkers, Deadly Women)

I'm so ready to join! Give me the $700 Discount!

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10 Step-By-Step Modules (You will receive the entire 10 modules right away so you can go at your own pace.)

Lifetime access (A great resource for you to keep your accent skills sharp and ready for that next audition.)

Login 24/7 (Practice anytime and at your own pace)

Digital & Downloadable (Watch the videos online & Downloadable PDF guides are also available for every step of the process.)

Community & Support (Join my community of Actors in our Private Facebook group to connect & network plus I will be popping into the group for feedback & support.)

Free Updates (Automatic access to any updates to the AAV program)

SEE what's waiting for you inside once you enroll…

Discover your All American Voice

Get yourself organised and ready to learn the All American accent.

  • Set your accent goals so you can stay on track of 'why' you are mastering the All American accent.
  • Gather your All American accent tools.
  • Learn how your natural accent differs to the All  American accent.
  • Create your All American Identity.

Release your All American Voice

  • The most effective exercises to help you sound all American.
  • Discover why understanding your anatomy of speech will help you sound like an authentic American speaker.
  • Prep your body and voice with the most effective exercises to releasing tension and creating space for the American accent.
  • You'll also get my 5 minute short accent prep so you can easily practice your American accent even on busy days.

Activate  your All American Voice

  • The secret to sounding All American begins with a solid understanding of the American placement.
  • Identify how you form sounds in your natural accent.
  • Discover how to form sounds like an American speaker.

Master the American Vowels

  • The most effective way to master the vowel sounds of the All American accent.
  • Each sound comes with specific and detailed practice words, phrases and sentences to challenge you as you learn.

Master the  American dips & Trips

  • The most effective way to master the Diphthongs & Triphthongs of the All American accent.
  • Learn the secret to pronouncing your American r's like an American speaker.
  • Each sound comes with specific and detailed practice words, phrases and sentences to challenge you as you learn.

Master the American Consonants

  • The most effective way to master the consonant sounds of the All American accent.
  • Each sound comes with specific and detailed practice words, phrases and sentences to challenge you as you learn.

the key to sounding all  American 

  • The secret to sounding All American and achieving a conversational flow happens when you can master American  intonation, rhythm and stress.
  • Tap into the melody, jump into the rhythm and lean into stressing words and syllables with authenticity.
  • Discover how the culture of American speech can transform your All American character.

Master the all American way to practice

  • How to effectively practice your American accent without having to recite the same boring practice sentences day after day.
  • Effective strategies to help keep your practice interesting and fun.
  • How to practice your American accent without the overwhelm.

free your all American performance

  • The Secret to performing without thinking about the American accent.
  • How NOT to drop out of the American accent in performance.
  • How to find your process to creating transformational All American characters.
  • How to map the accent into your text and analyse the text for story and character.
  • The most effective exercises to free up your American accent in performance.

Performing with your all American voice 

  • How to perform freely & confidently with your All American Voice.
  • Performance strategies for auditioning.
  • Performance strategies (on-set/stage/studio).

Want a sneak peek inside All American Voice?

Check out what's in store for you as soon as you sign up!


You are about to learn what I have taught my celebrity clients and hundreds of other Actors all over the world.

All it takes is booking one U.S. role to get a return on your investment AND you've got a U.S. credit on imdb!

Plus, I have made it even easier for you to join so you can get started working toward your goals today.

For the next 48 hours you'll save $700 when you join All American Voice. That's means you can join today for as little as $57!


Once you complete enrollment you will get immediate access to ALL AMERICAN VOICE.

You'll receive your login and your password in your email inbox and you'll be on your way to discovering your All American Voice.

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All American Voice isn't just about learning the american accent...

the secret to what makes All American Voice so transformational...

There are plenty of courses that will teach you the sounds of the American accent BUT you won't find any other place that teaches you how to find your voice in the accent so it feels true to you and allows you to perform without thinking about the accent.

Maybe you've tried to learn the American accent before but was left feeling like you still couldn't sustain the accent in performance.

ALL American Voice shows you how to fully embody your All American characters in a process you can apply to any audition or performance.

That's why we give you the feedback and support you need to take your American accent to the next level.


When You Enroll You’ll Get


(Valued at $2,085)

Designed to Accelerate your learning so you can start
Auditioning and Booking U.S. roles!



All American Voice Road Map

Imagine how much easier it would be to learn the American accent with a resource guide designed to help keep you on track and avoid accent overwhelm.

PDF download

  • A PLACE TO TRACK YOUR PROGRESS AND TAKE NOTES so you can complete the program with ease!
  • WORKSHEETS to guide you through each stage of the process.

"Katherine has not only given me all the tools I need to further my acting career in the U.S. but has also given me the confidence I need and renewed passion for the arts."

Charlotte Best

(Rising Wolf, An American In Texas, Skinford)


All American Practice Bundle

What if you had the resources and a plan to practice your American accent even on your busy days?

  • THE 30 DAYS OF PRACTICE AUDIO SERIES gives you 30 days of short, bite sized accent practice so you can always find. the time to practice. 
  • THE AAV PRACTICE PLAN is designed to show you how to practice as you work through each module so you never have to guess how or what you should do to practice your American accent.


"Working with Kath has been a game-changer in terms of building my skill and confidence with the American Accent. Her comprehensive learning material as well as her encouraging coaching style really helped fill those gaps in my knowledge."

Genevieve Brock

(Bernie Brown, Gabby Duran & The Unsittables)



What if you could get ongoing support and connect with a community of other Actors going through the same process?

  • GET AN ALL ACCESS PASS TO JOIN MY EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. I'll be there  to answer questions, give feedback & support and you'll meet other actors in the All American Voice community.


"Katherine is like your personal voice coach when you follow her program as well as the opportunity to practice online with her and fellow students. I highly recommend this program to any actors serious about pursuing American voiced parts."

Luke O'Neil 

(Actor, Voiceover Artist)



 ALL AMERICAN mindset visualisation meditation audio guides

What if you could no longer think, "I can't do this accent. I'll never book a U.S. role"?

  • When you enroll you will get 6 powerful mindset visualisation meditations that will help build your confidence and prepare you before your next audition or going on set.


"The course has helped me discover my true American voice. Katherine has taught me how to feel comfortable and confident whilst performing in the American accent, an accent I thought would be almost impossible to achieve."

Sophia Tsoltoudis

(Actor, Voiceover Artist)




NYC & Southern Accent Masterclass

Did you know that you increase your chances of booking U.S. roles when you can perform with a New York City and a Southern accent?

  • LEARN HOW TO TALK LIKE A NEW YORKER so you are ready any time a NYC accent audition comes your way. Video, PDF guides and lifetime access.

  • DISCOVER THE SUBTLE DIFFERENCES between the soft r and hard r Southern Accents. Video, PDF guides and lifetime access.



"Thanks so much! I've already found all the resources on the site so helpful in my last minute prep for a few tapes i'm doing tomorrow night."

Shelley Quartermaine

(1 Million Followers)

Now is the time to become the working Actor you dream to be.

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12 monthly installments of $97 USD

Top features

  • 10 Step-By-Step Core Training Modules 

  • All American Accent Practice Bundle ($497 value)
  • All American Actor Mindset audio guides ($397)
  • All American Voice Road Map ($97 value)
  • NYC & Southern Accent Bonuses ($594 value)
  •  Lifetime access to the program

  •  Login 24/7 (practice anytime and at your own pace)

  • Private Facebook Community (priceless)

  •   Free Updates 


One Time Investment of $997 USD

  • 10 Step-By-Step Core Training Modules 

  • All American Accent Practice Bundle ($497 value)
  • All American Actor Mindset audio guides ($397)
  • All American Voice Road Map ($97 value)
  • NYC & Southern Accent Bonuses ($594 value)
  •  Lifetime access to the program

  •  Login 24/7 (practice anytime and at your own pace)

  • Private Facebook Community (priceless)

  •   Free Updates 


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